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Marco Rubio SLAMS CIA for trying to Create Account on CCP Asset TikTok!…

Senator Marco Rubio Slammed the CIA after reports that the Spy Agency wanted to create and establish their presence on the Chinese Communist party asset TikTok.

For those that don’t know, TikTok is owned and operated by the CCP, with Communist Party top-tier individuals running the social media site.

Senator Rubio sent a letter urging the CIA Director Williams Burn not to Join TikTok or any other social media that threatens American national security.

The CIA told reporters that the reason they want to Join Titok is over the traffic and potential to recruit new spies but did acknowledge the risk that china posed since they own and operate the social media site.

A spokesman for the CIA said in a statement: “With TikTok, there’s the Chinese risk.
The Spokesperson later clarified to reporters that the CIA has no plans to join the social media network as of this moment.
In his letter to the CIA, Rubio states that ” The Agency should be warning about the risks associated with TikTok, and other foreign apps developed in authoritarian surveillance regimes, not normalizing them.”
He went on to write – “As such, I request that you explicitly reject the reported comments of the CIA’s social media team and confirm that the Agency will not be joining TikTok or any other high-risk foreign apps.”

Marco Rubio is the Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.


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