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Manchin Warns Biden, Renewed Build Back Better Talks will start from Scratch!…

Senator Joe Manchin has warned Biden if he wants to restart talks on Build Back Better, they must start from scratch.

• Manchin has shot down Biden’s hopes for a quick restart to talks to pass his administration 1.75 Trillion build back better act.

• Manchin is very adamant about starting the talks from scratch

• He said in a statement – “We’re going to start with a clean sheet of paper and start over,” he went on to say. “If anybody wants to talk, I’ll always talk.”

• Manchin also said that pressing issues like Inflation and the pandemic must be tackled first before any restart talks on BBB.

• Manchin also said in a statement, “The main thing we need to do is take care of the inflation. Get your financial house in order. Get a tax code that works,” he went on to say, “We can do a lot of good things. … But get your financial house in order. Get this InflationInflation down. Get COVID out of the way, and then we’ll be rolling.”

• At his latest Press Conference, Biden said he wants to break up the Build Back Better bill the same way they broke up the Infrastructure package into different bills in order to pass it.

• As Democrats face the mid-terms and the possibility of losing the House and the Senate. Democrats will try to pass a part of the BBB legislation using budget reconciliation. The process allows some spending and tax measures to avert the 60-vote filibuster threshold within the evenly split Senate and pass via a simple majority.

• But for Democrats to pass Education and climate change provision from BBB before the midterms, they will have to get Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema on board.

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