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Mainstream Media FINALLY Admits Biden is incompetent and Ineffective!…

As Biden’s approval numbers continue to tank, the mainstream media has been taking a different tone on the Democrats occupying the White House.

• NBC’s Chuck Todd said in a segment of his show that Biden is “no longer seen as competent and effective and that he is also not seen as a good commander-in-chief.

• American Voters claiming the child tax credit has not benefitted them at all, something Biden has spent over $2 Trillion on through his spending bill.

• ABC and FiveThirtyEight slams Biden over his performance combating the COVID pandemic

• American voters on CBS slammed Biden for wasting taxpayer money on useless things

• NBC slams Biden over car prices skyrocketing 27.9% almost $7,000 higher than a year ago



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  1. So, are millions of voters now regretting the outcome of the 2020 Election ? FIX 2020 FIRST, and the tears will dry up.

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