Main Stream Media Crippled by Unknown Foreign Virus

A malware attack struck the Los Angeles Times and Tribune Publishing on Friday, disrupting the distribution of the Saturday edition of papers across the country.

The cyberattack, which one unnamed inside source told told reporters that it is believed to have originated outside the U.S., also affected the release of the West Coast editions of the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, which are printed at the L.A. Times’ printing plant in downtown L.A.

San Diego Tribune Publishing first detected the “malware” in its computer systems on Friday and it disrupted the “timeliness and completeness” of many print editions, a spokeswoman said in a statement.

The Ventura County Star newspaper in Southern California also was affected, the paper said in a note to readers.

In the meantime, readers of the Los Angeles and San Diego newspapers were invited to view print-like digital editions online.

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