Mad Dog Mattis: Army ‘must stand ready’ in face of North Korean threat

Mad Dog Mattis is not taking any chances, what he just said will send chills down the spine of “Little Rocket Man”…..

DEFENSE SECRETARY JAMES MATTIS: On Monday emphasized that the US still seeks a “Diplomatic Led” solution with North Korea but said the “U.S Army must stand Ready” in the chance that option doesn’t work.

“It is right now a diplomatically led, economic sanctions-buttressed effort to try to turn North Korea off this path,” Mattis said during his Keynote Address at the Association of the United States Army Annual meeting in Washington.

“What does the future hold? Neither you nor I can say, so there is one thing the U.S Army can do, that is you have to be ready to ensure that we have military options that our President can deploy if needed.” Mattis Speech comes as U.S-North Korea tensions hit a new high following the back and forth between President Donald Trump and little RocketMan in September.

Mad Dogg Mattis finished off by saying: “What we want to do is be so ready and be very much aware that we fight the way we come, that everybody in the world wants to deal with Secretary Tillerson and the Department of State, not the Department of Defense and the United States Army.”

Mattis also said that the U.S should should rely on its allies for help, with the big emphasis on NATO. “From NATO to Europe to the Pacific, Our message to our message to our allies is WE ARE WITH YOU.”


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