Macron, Trudeau and Boris Caught Laughing at Trump at NATO Summit

The level of disrespect, UK’s Prime Minister and Host Boris Johnson along with French President Macron and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau were caught red-handed on Hot Mic laughing and Poking fun of President Trump after he did an hour Long press Conference….Watch:

This is the Press Conference that was referenced by the European Globalists

Them making it seem like the President is a child is the ultimate sign of disrespect and also its more ammunition desperately needed by the FAKE NEWS media unfortunately.

President Trump will get the Last laugh after Tariffs on Wine, Cheese and Purses go into effect bringing in Billions of extra revenue for the United State from France.

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  1. Trump need to hit them with the toughest tariffs possible. Watch their circle jerk turn into a tampon party for pussies.

    1. The president needs to hit them hard that’s disrespect to this country those assholes should have thank America because if it wasn’t for us those dick suckers would be cleaning German asses

  2. Run 2000% tariffs so they cant sell a thing in the usa and get stuck shipping it both ways

  3. I think we should stop helping these countries and cut them off. See how long they last with out our military protecting them French owes us big time from WWII for saving their sorry butts from Germany take off of them. All those countries owes us for saving them from being all German. They have never paid us back for anything we did there. We the people remember and I pray their will always be ones to remember what our military did to win the war in 1942 -1945. We got the war stopped no other country America men and women did. Why the French ran and hid in their holes and cried help me me me. Now disrespect my President. We didn’t do that to theirs but we can start it.

  4. It’s just so sad, to see what these so called elites find amusing. I hope they laugh when they get hit with those tariffs! We will be laughing all the way to the bank! #MAGA2KAG

  5. I’m a Canadian, immigrant and I have alot of respect for mr. President Donald Trump.
    I could vote for him I would, no doubt about it..
    Mr. Donald Trump is a great president.

  6. roflmao, I don’t see laughing. I see he is center of attention and d9nt white know WHAT to think. they cant figure him out. he behaves real american, not arrogant slime American. I see fascination and like little boys, more giggl8ng, more as a nervous response. what I see is an effeminate Trudeau and to me he actually is behaving enamored. these clowns are bought and sold, and stick to what theyre told. nah, they’re not laughing AT him, they’re laughing purely out of a nervous response and it has nothing to do with laughing AT him. bunch of euro-punks.

  7. The thre stooges are shit scared of President Trump they have not the Balls of office that Trump has, old Black face together with the Mother lover are of the same mould, Bumbling Boris needs friends but is to scared to offend the two arseholes mentioned, when he’s in Trumps company he is all over him, a real suckhole,🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Impose sanctions and tariffs on all their products and make money off of them! Stupid pathetic weak countries and let’s give them the good ole big Americans boots up their pathetic tiny little asses!!!

  9. They are sick men. Just look at the state England France and Canada with these traiters laughing at a man that’s trying to do right. Trump will have the last laugh on these fools

  10. This is not a tolerable way to treat our President. I hope that President Trump sees this and is tougher on them. We should do what we can to support him by not buying items that are coming from these countries. Or something like this. It is disgraceful behaviour for the leaders of those countries.

  11. LMAO 😂😂 😂 the little euro boys were waiting for POTUS as they should. He is Commander in Chief and the most powerful leader there. Trump is exercising his power.
    Way to go POTUS

  12. This is America we don’t need them they need us they must feel stupid to know that everyone heard them now the game is on Mr President hit them where it hurts in their economy they’re some disrespect assholes

  13. I.see tarrifs going up for these countries lmao back stabbers TRUMP they are still talking bout you buddy .thats awesome..GO AMERICA.AN BESIDES. WE DONT CARE WHAT THEM LITTLE POEPLE HAVE TO SAY .LOL

  14. Trudeau is my Prime Minister, ands he’s an imbecile….
    We have to get rid of this guy, very soon

  15. They are soooo jealous of President Trump and the U.S. Their countries have super problems but we are solving ours. Plus – we have the best economy in the world and jobs which are very important to we citizens and our families. These guys are green with envy.

  16. This idiot in the White House is a CHILD. He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the ass. Stop making excuses for a delusional pathological liar.

  17. NATO was formed to protect small nations from the all powerful soviet in the 40’s. Today NATO still serves the primary purpose. The West practically stopped doing business with soviet union to slow its economic progress.

    Then one moron gives russia billions to buy its gas, the very country NATO was formed to protect against. To add bozo to moron, that same person, against good advice by the US, went ahead to take huawei as its 5G supplier. What merkel is doing is endangering the security of the entire alliances. DNA don’t change even after 70 years!
    (huawei is an apparatus of the ccp)
    (China’s Strategy Against America and the free world: Trade War, Huawei, 5G)

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