Macron Jabs Trump at Address to Congress

Macron took the gloves off in front of the joint Congress on Wednesday after a day of warm hugs, handshakes, and kisses with President Donald Trump…

On Wednesday Macron Spoke to the Joint Sessions of Congress about Globalism, Progressive Ideals, and the EU, all while taking a few Swipes at President Trump.

Macron mostly focused on Trade but called Nationism a farse and a mirage and said that he has what it takes to make sure trump goes back to the Paris climate accord soon.

He pushed Climate change as a way that makes them seem modern and any country like the United States weak and regressive if they are not part of the movement.

WATCH Full Address:

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  1. President Macron wants to “soft sell” the Iran Deal****, Globalism ( e.g., repressive, collapsing European Union), and “woo” President Trump back into the Paris Agreement. In other words, it is “AS IF” former president Barak Obama had given him the TALKING POINTS. America’s friendship with France can & should continue as it began, as two ( 2 ) sovereign nations. MAGA & KAG ****A bad deal is a bad deal. And, a bad leader only shrinks back when a good leader calls his bluff.

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