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Liz Chaney Attacks Trump as GOP doesn’t Invite Him to Spring Retreat

Liz Chaney laughs as reporters ask her if Trump will be joining House Republicans at their retreat in Orlando Florida. She responded, “I have not Invited him,” resulting in laughing among the gaggle of reporters around her.


House Republicans are to meet over the final weekend in April at their annual retreat this year, taking place in Orlando, Florida, almost two weeks after Republican Donors met in Palm Beach for their retreat where Trump attended. The former President spoke to donors about Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence calling Mitch an SOB and Mike Pence a weak guy he still liked.


The event sponsored by the non-profit congressional institute says in a release to reporters that they have not invited the former President and that none of the lawmakers have made any requests to ask him.


Last week the former President said that he would find an America First challenger to take on “Crazy Liz Chaney” (Daughter of former VP under George W Bush Dick Chaney)


The Wyoming representative responded by saying that she would not support or endorse the former President if he were to run again, renewing her stance that Republicans in Congress need to reject Trump and move on.


Within a fraction of the current GOP remains a very vocal group of Republicans that back the former president, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy, and Paul Gosar.  Some have already expressed to support the former President if he decides to run against Joe Biden in 2024.

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