Liberals SHOCKED by Dems Push to Ban IRS Free File Provision

Progressive Dems are trying to kill language preventing the IRS from offering free tax preparation software.

LEGISLATION: This legislation only helps TurboTax and other for-profit tax preparation companies. The legislation approved by the House codifies an existing agreement between the IRS and the tax preparation industry in which those companies offer free tax filing services to people below a certain income threshold.

Taxpayers making less than 66,000 have access to free software, but records show only 3 percent take advantage.

SEAN CASTEN: Rep. Sean Casten stated he would have voted against the bill if it came to roll votes, “I am disappointed that the leadership of my party chose to bring this to the floor and pass it in a way that suggests a false unanimity. I would not have supported this bill as written and am disappointed that I was not given the opportunity to oppose, so as to compel a necessary correction.”

LIBERALS: Liberals were shocked the bill passed They considered the bill under an expedited process reserved for noncontroversial legislation.

MARK POCAN: The co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus admitted the bill was sprung upon Congress, “We’ve always been against that provision, but it did come up a little quick in the middle of the budget cap battles. And it was a provision of an otherwise good bill.”

RON WYDEN: Wyden claims he’s proposed legislation to create an optional system where tax forms are pre-completed so that taxpayers only have to check the numbers.
He stated, “Filing ought to be simple, and taxpayers shouldn’t have to use a private company to file their taxes online.”

CONCLUSION: The Progressive Democrats sprung a bill on Congress to kill language preventing the IRS from offering free tax preparation software. The party is in an uproar since Democrats have always been against this bill.

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