Liberal States defy Trump at border over Democrat Stunt

Liberal states just received the excuse they needed to cancel their National Guard at the Border with Mexico…

In recent weeks the Democrats have been working overtime on the new artificial controversy that they hope can bring down Trump but in their desperation, they fail to see that what they are blaming Trump of doing was actually done and created by Hussain Obama.

The first Governor to defy trump and cancel their guard to deploy to the border was Massachusetts where Governor Charlie Baker canceled the deployment of Massachusetts National Guard troops to the border in light of recent Fake News reports about the Trump Administration’s practice of separating immigrant children from families.

Baker communications director Lizzy Guyton said .”Governor Baker directed the National Guard not to send any assets or personnel to the Southwest border today because the federal government’s current actions are resulting in the inhumane treatment of children,”

State officials announced early in June that Massachusetts National Guard troops would be deployed to the border to support in security operations. One helicopter, aircrew, and military analysts from Massachusetts were set to head to the border at the end of June. The crew was to “provide aviation reconnaissance to offer an additional tool for observation and tracking of unlawful activity in the region,” according to the Mass National Guard.

The cancellation comes amid  Democrat Fake news pushed by the Leftist Fake News Media over the Trump Administration’s practice of separating children from families at the border, in some cases detaining children in makeshift facilities and, in one facility in Texas, cages.

The second Liberal state to Snub Trump and cancel their Guard trip to the Border in New York where Cuomo said-

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