Liberal Judge Threatens Jeff Sessions over Illegal Alien

A Leftist federal judge on Thursday threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt after discovering that the Trump administration attempted to transfer a woman and her daughter out of the country while an appeal hearing for their deportation was underway.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan granted the American Civil Liberty Union’s (ACLU) request for an emergency order to halt the expedited removal of immigrants seeking asylum from domestic abuse and gang violence after he learned the government had put a plaintiff in the case and her daughter on a flight to Central America.

The ACLU, which is challenging Sessions’ decision to no longer grant asylum to the victims of domestic abuse and gang violence, said the government had assured the court on Wednesday no plaintiff in the case would be deported before midnight.

Liberal Judge Sullivan Said “This is pretty outrageous” he went on to say “That someone seeking justice in U.S. court is spirited away while her attorneys are arguing for justice for her? “I’m not happy about this at all,” he said. “This is not acceptable.”

The ACLU Said in a tweet

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  1. Illegal aliens are NOT immigrants. Domestic violence is NOT grounds for asylum. We ARE a nation of laws. MERCY demands that the mother & child be deported to their home country and placed in the care of social services there. AND, as a country of MORAL VALUES, we should offer help to the home country, so that they will be able to help their own citizens live a better life.

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