Liberal Judge Forces White House to restart DACA

A federal judge on Friday said the Trump White House must restart the entire DACA deportation amnesty, including accepting brand new applications — but gave the administration a chance to appeal before his ruling takes effect.

The ruling by Judge John D. Bates is a major blow to President Trump, and creates even more confusion about his immigration policy.

Judge Bates said Mr. Trump and his Homeland Security Department do have the power to revoke the Obama-era DACA program, but they cut too many corners in the way they tried to do it.

He said the government needs to prove that it has considered the benefits to society of having illegal immigrants here and working, versus the government’s interest in enforcing the laws as written.

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  1. There is no benefit to having people who break our laws working here. We have plenty of legal citizens to do the job. If in the future we need people we will surely be able to get people here who respect the law to work. There is no excuse for breaking the law.

    1. Correct, Lois. President Trump ( & his lawyers ) should NOT take this lying down. Stand up and take it to the Supreme Court. We are STILL a country of law & order.

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