Liberal 9th Circuit upholds California’s Sanctuary City Policy

On Thursday the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals dodged the Trump administration when they tried to block two sanctuary laws in California.

CALIFORNIA SANCTUARY LAWS: The first policy was Senate Bill 54, bars police and sheriff officials from notifying federal immigration authorities when an immigrant inmate is released from jail.

The second policy is the Assembly Bill 450, which requires employers to notify their staff if there will be an immigration inspection of employee discounts.

JUDGE SMITH: Judge Smith states, “Senate 54 bill makes the jobs of federal immigration authorities more difficult.”

He also stated about Assembly Bill 450, “imposes no additional or contrary obligations that undermine or disrupt the activities of federal immigration authorities.”

“Only those provisions that impose an additional economic burden exclusively on the federal government are invalid,” he said.

THE WHITE HOUSE: Neither the White House or Trump have commented on the 9th Circuit Court dodging their block.

CONCLUSION: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals dodged two sanctuary city policies that the Trump administration tried to block because they both have to do with protecting or helping immigrants.

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