Legal Latinos Tell CNN They Want A Taller Border Wall

Several Latinos in Texas are in support of President Trump and want an even taller more industrial wall.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ: Marquez is a CNN reporter and also a Latino. On Monday, he interviewed Latinos who say they are in favor of the President because of his strong stance on illegal immigration.

Marquez claims, “Most Latinos across the country say they do not agree with the president on his immigration policies and his idea of building a wall.”

“But those that we spoke to in, Hidalgo County, say that there is a national emergency and they’d like to see this thing doubled or tripled in size,” Marquez added.

ROLANDO RODRIGUEZ: Rodriguez is a Texas resident who lives a mile north of the border in McAllen and says he wants to see 2,600-mile border wall that is longer and taller than the McAllen border today.

Rodriguez stated, “I don’t think the wall is going to be a barrier, really, for the good people, It’ll be a barrier for the bad people.”

JOACIM HERNANDEZ: Hernandez is the President of the Hidalgo County Young Republicans, and he states, “The last time the president visited … there was a lot of people out there supporting him and he has more support than anyone is willing to admit.

CONCLUSION: Many Latinos are for Trump’s policies and plan to vote for him in the upcoming elections. The President already has America’s majority vote as he is the only standing Republican running for 2020.

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