MSM and Leftists are Plotting a Sick Campaign to Ban President Trump’s Twitter!

In the Last Few Days MSM and Leftist Radicals (Which Includes RINOS) Have Been Critical of President Donald Trump and His TONE against Kim Jong Un and his Regime to the point that as of Friday Afternoon they have begun to Fantasize about Twitter Banning President Donald Trump From the Social Media Platform.

Now, Will it Happen?

Not even a chance if He was anyone else it is very likely he would have been banned long ago or maybe if he was still a rivate Citizen he could get banned but with 36  million on his Personal Account:

and 20 Million on his POTUS account

Its Highly unlikely that Twitter a Company that has Been Failing for some time would make such a disastrous business move.

Lets not forget that President Donald Trump has some Close Friends and World Leaders who has a Massive following on the platform too.

If President Trump gets censored from the platform his friends and Allies will NOT stay Quiet.

Lets See the Headlines from FakeStream media Regarding this Issue:

Wouldn’t you know it, I think we have finally found one thing that we can agree on: Twitter Can Not Ban President Donald Trump (Shouldn’t Anyway)

President Donald trump has dealt with this issue since the begining of his Presidency when the MSM complained about President Trump Tweeting urging him to Stop, His Response-

Well Speaking for us Here at Golden State Time


Let us know what you guys think about this Folks, if They Ban President Trump will you Boycott Twitter and other Social media?

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  1. Your videos on YouTube are what brought me to know about you. GST has great content. Hopefully, soon all internet sites might once again become free of censorship through honest legislation. Please let me know what we can do to fight this bigotry and tyranny.

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