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LEAKED VIDEO: New SHOCKING Footage Shows Biden’s Secret Immigration Invasion!…

As Joe Biden and the Democrat claim that Russia is set to Invade Ukraine, the actual invasion is being orchestrated by Biden from the Southern Border.

• During the previous year, over 2 million illegal aliens have crossed the southern border from dozens of countries across the world

• Biden is also facilitating Drug Smugglers sending people through the border at taxpayers’ expense.

• Under cover of darkness, every night since Biden has been in office, the federal government has been transporting illegal aliens as fast as possible from the border via private jets into unsuspecting cities nationwide.

• The private jets used to transport the illegals are paid for by the American Tax Payer

• Biden officials in ICE and CBP have obstructed any reporter who wants to report the Truth.

• This is in fact, a betrayal of the American People.


• A federal government contractor employed to smuggle the alines into American cities said those very words.

• The federal government uses Boeing 737’s for long trips like the one in the video above coming from Fort Bliss in Texas to White Plains, New York, where the video was taken.

• The planes are owned by a company called iAero contracted to move illegal aliens by the Biden Administration

• Police Bodycam took the video and it was released to the public under the freedom of information act lawsuit.

• On the aircraft were also 12 contractors that have worked for the CIA in Iraq the Illegals called the chaperones.

• The Chaperones stated that they could have their identities known when cops asked for their information on the orders of DHS and the US ARMY.


Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night


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