Larry Kudlow Knocks it out of the Park at Coronavirus Press Briefing

Larry Kudlow speaks at Coronavirus Task Force White House Briefing

Larry Kudlow speaks at the Coronavirus Press briefing from the White House on 3/24/20

Larry Kudlow addresses the Press at the White House Press Briefing on Tuesday Afternoon about the Economy and the impact the Coronavirus outbreak might have on the Economy in the near future

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  1. I’m just a poor white man that’s lives off of social security, am i gonna a extra check? Very doubtful

  2. They keep talking about loans for small businesses to keep them in business. I have a small business and know many people that do and not one will take a loan and put themselves in debt over this. They will close their doors fist. These better be grants as Marco Rubio said they would be on Sunday or this is all a waste of time.

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