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Laredo Texas becomes GROUND ZERO for Human Smuggling and Stash Houses!…

Police in Texas Prevented a dangerous human smuggling attempt that involved more than 50 Illegal Aliens hidden inside a gas tanker hauled by a trailer just miles north of the US-Mexico Border.

Agents stationed near the Laredo station made the discovery after the truck was pulled over for an inspection at an immigration checkpoint on highway 83 in south-central Texas. A Border Patrol K9 alerted authorities which sent the truck over to an x-ray machine on site.

Agents opened the tanker to find over 50 people were stuffed inside. The driver, a US citizen, was arrested on sight. Border Patrol and CBP said it was done in a joint effort.

Authorities in Texas have been taking down stash house all over the state, locations where smugglers keep people until their families pay ransoms to get their family members back. It is believed that the people found in the tanker were heading to or coming from a stash house.

Just hours after the gas tanker incident, an official in Texas found another tractor-trailer with about 100 illegals. The driver, just like in the other case, was a US Citizen. Up to this point, authorities in Laredo have found 3,900 people smuggled in tractor-trailers that a 120% increase from the year before. Many worry that Cartels are exploiting the relaxed border policies of Joe Biden, and Cartels are expanding their operation in the area.

Laredo has seen a 400% increase in stash house busts and arrests of illegals being smuggled in tractor-trailers in the last six months, an indicator that people are getting past the Border Patrol. Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz, a Democrat, told reporters, ” Laredo is relatively safe. It is. But if we don’t correct this stash house and tractor-trailer activity that we have these folks, this could escalate and possibly become a warzone…between rival gangs.”

According to reports, some of the hundreds of illegals found in the stash houses have criminal records, so they choose to go the smuggling route not to get caught while in the care of the Cartels.

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