Kim says Trump Summit Stabilized the Region

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un credited his meeting in June with President Donald Trump for “stabilizing” Asia while greeting his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in on Tuesday in Pyongyang.

Kim personally thanked Moon for making the Trump-Kim meeting happen and expressed hope for “more advanced results” in talks with the United States, without elaborating on how he would define the term.

President Trump has mentioned the possibility of a second in-person meeting in the future to discuss an end to North Korea’s illegal nuclear weapons program and the White House claimed that Kim sent a letter to Trump requesting such a meeting.

The first meeting, in Singapore, resulted in the signing of a declaration in which North Korea agreed to work towards the “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” but that declaration did not define the term.

North Korea has previously used the phrase to mean a removal of American assets from the region, not an end to its nuclear program.

The United Nations and several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have published reports recently suggesting that no evidence exists that, following Kim’s meeting with Trump, the North Korean regime has made any material moves to shut down its nuclear program.

Kim greeted Moon upon landing in Pyongyang Tuesday morning with a large hug and throngs of thousands of North Koreans forced to cheer for the dictator and his guest.

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