Kellyanne Triggers House Democrats as she Skips a Day at the Circus

kellyanne Conway President Trump right-hand woman has skipped what many believe to be Political theater from the Democrats in the House.

Kellyanne Conway has been going back and forth with Democrats since President Trump took office, but in recent weeks the Democrats and the FAKE NEWS Media has been on an all-out campaign to get rid of her.
Not because she has done anything wrong but because she is very good at exposing the Main Stream media double standard and the deception the Democrats want to paint on the issues that our nation is facing.

Now House Democrats are saying that Conway could be held in contempt for missing the Circus a roast session to belittle and insult Conway for hours orchestrated by House Democrats Elijah cummings.

Cummings said “Ms. Conway is required to be here today to address her multiple violations of federal law, many of which occurred on national television,”

The Democrats also set a date for a contempt vote for Conway for July 25th

Cumming went on to say “If she does not change course, we have no choice but to hold her accountable”

Republicans in the house have been mum regarding what the Democrats are planning to do to Kellyanne, but republican ranking member Jim Jordan said that kellyanne Conway did violate the Hatch Act because it’s her job to talk about politics all day and that the democrat Spectacle is all Political.

Jim Jordan said, “They targeted her because she’s effective,” he went on to say. “She has every right to share her opinions.”

Kellyanne Conway has been on the FAKE NEWS Media’s radar for a while but it has not been as materialized as when in June when the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the government’s chief ethics group, determined that Ms. Conway was a “repeat offender” of the Hatch Act and recommended President Trump fire her.

Kellyanne went off on the Media after the FAKE NEWS pushed the Trump Administration to Fire her for violating the Hatch Act which President Trump said he would not do.

Now it remains to be seen what the Democrats and the White House will do to ease the tension but as of right now firing Kellyanee is NOT an option

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