Kamala Wants Drug Dealers to Profit from Marijuana Legalization

Kamala Harris, presidential nominee, wants to give convicted drug dealers, a job in legal Marijuana industries.

KAMALA HARRIS: Harris said she thinks it is ironic for convicted drug dealers to be banned from working at a marijuana industry since Harris believes drug dealers should know everything there is to do with weed and selling it in a professional workspace.

During her “She The People” presidential forum, she stated about drug dealers, “They were ahead of the curve.”

Kamala also claims the convicted drug dealers will be hand picked to start working at marijuana industries by their files and if they can find that the felon has experience with growing or selling weed.

Harris stated, “Their felony conviction should not be the barrier to them having employment in an industry that they were a part of before it was an industry.”


DEMOCRAT VOTE: Kamala Harris is among the 19 other candidates to win the Democrat vote for the 2020 Presidential nominee, which is why all of the Democrat candidates have been doing and saying all types of irrational things lately.

CONCLUSION: Drug Dealers arrested can no longer work at marijuana industries in places where it is recreational. Kamala Harris wants to give convicted drug dealers a job in marijuana industries because that’s where they “belong” in her eyes since they’ve sold drugs before.She could be saying this because she is serious or really wants the Democrat vote.

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