Justices Split on Travel Ban might give Trump the Win

The more Conservative members of the Supreme Court appear to signal on Wednesday that…

they are inclined to uphold the President Travel ban Order, this is what can set the stage for a major victory for the Trump Administration.

The Supreme Court is hearing Oral Arguments today, the court grapples with the fact of whether the President has the power to ban travel of people from certain countries.

In the latest of the Travel Ban, it limited travel into the United States by people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen

Leftist challengers to the order have argued that the Travel Ban is discriminatory to immigrants based on religion

Justice Samuel Alito took issue with that argument.

he said “There are other justifications that jump out as to why these particular countries were put on the list,” he went on to say “So it seems to me the list creates a strong inference that this was not done for that invidious purpose.”

Chief Justice John Roberts questioned whether, under the plaintiff’s argument, any targeted action against a majority-Muslim country could be seen as discriminatory.

“What if the military advisers tell the president that in their judgment, the president ought to order a strike, an air strike against Syria … does that mean he can’t because you would regard that as discrimination against a majority-Muslim country?” he said.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor noted that Congress has already set limits on immigration to address security concerns about nationals from countries that support terrorism.

“Where does the president get the authority to do more than Congress has already decided is adequate?” she said.

Justice Anthony Kennedy known as the court’s swing vote noted that Trump’s proclamation is longer and more detailed than the ones issued by Carter and Reagan.



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  1. The POTUS has a lot of authority to ban entrance to America. In order to keep us safe, he could ban the 5 listed countries, plus a dozen more countries with non-Muslim majorities, just to crush the argument. If a few nice folks are left out, sorry. This is clearly turning into partisan politics. We the people of the United States of America do NOT have to admit anyone and everyone into our country. We trust President Trump’s judgement on who is / is not potentially dangerous. That is why we voted for him ! !

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