Justice Kennedy Retirement Rumors are Looking More like Reality

The rumor of Justice Kennedy retiring has been thrown around since last Septemeber but now it’s starting to look like it can be any day now…

Right now all eyes are on Justice Kennedy who is once again reportedly on the verge of retiring he has been thinking about it since last year.

Many people believe that Justice Kennedy won’t retire this year because he just hired his clerks for the next term that starts in October.

Carl Tobias, Professor of Law at Richmond said: “I don’t think he would have hired all four clerks for next year if he was seriously entertaining stepping down,” he went on to say “I just don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Ian Samuel, a fellow at Harvard law says the small number of cases the court has granted could signal Kennedy is throwing in the towel. The court has only agreed to hear 15 cases so far next term.

“One possibility is they are not granting cases because they don’t know who their ninth member is going to be. … You could imagine Kennedy telling the chief, ‘I’d like to keep this between us, but I’d like to retire,’ and the chief saying, ‘Let’s see who Kennedy’s replacement is before we grant all these cases,’” Samuel said.

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  1. The BEST replacement for Justice Kennedy would be Senator Ted Cruz. He has a brilliant legal mind, and does not quit. If you are reading this, President Trump, PLEASE hold onto this recommendation.

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