Justice Department: US needs to Double or Triple the Number of Immigration Judges NOW!

The Justice Department is Begging President Donald Trump to……

Hire more Immigration Lawyer to make up for the overflowing workload.

JAMES McHENRY: Acting director of the Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review, said the Trump administration would have to double the number of immigration judges to make a dent in the record-high number of pending cases. He said: “We’ve run several estimations and we’ve asked for additional judges,” he told the House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration and border security Wednesday, he went on to say:  “I think up to a total of 700 is where it starts to turn around.”

CURRENTLY: EOIR [Executive Office for Immigration Review] employs 336 immigration judges nationwide and is allowed up to 384 judges.

IMMIGRATION CASES:  The number of immigration cases on the docket is at an all-time high, according to McHenry. The 640,000 cases are nearly triple the number of cases the courts had in the fiscal year 2009 and double that of the fiscal year 2012.  Sixty-one judges have been hired since Jan. 1 and the hiring pace is expected to improve in the coming fiscal year.

McHenry: Said-“The next budget request brings it up to 449. The president has outlined a policy that would add 370, that gets to approximately 700.”  In a written statement McHenry said: “Hiring is a top priority for the agency, and the president’s immigration principles and policies call for continued effort[s] to hire up to an additional 370 immigration judges,” He went on to say “The size and trajectory of the pending caseload will not reverse overnight, and the situation may continue to worsen in the short run before it gets better.”


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  1. Hi, I appreciate your youtube channel. I also watch the PragerU channel

    I recently got an email from them. They have decided to sue google for removing
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    The email included the attorneys they hired:
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    Think these guys are serious? 🙂 Could be Supreme Court material.

    Peace and good health

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