Justice Clarence Thomas says Second Amendment won’t be touched

Stoneman Douglas survivor Kyle Kashuv took to Twitter to let people know what Supreme Court Justice Clearance Thomas just said!

Kyle Kashuv a very vocal teen and survivor of the Stoneman Douglas shooting took to Twitter to let Americans know that Justice Clearance Thomas assured him the Second amendment WILL NOT BE TOUCHED.

in the last few weeks, former LIBERAL Justices like John Paul Stevens have come out and urged Democrats to demand a FULL repeal of the second amendment.

Kyle is the only voice coming out in support of the second amendment completely protected in the constitution.

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  1. Thank GOD for Justice Thomas
    Finally, a voice of reason in an unreasonable time.
    Those of us who don’t let our emotions rule our lives finally have a Justice we can count on.
    What happened at Parkland, Las Vegas, at the ballpark last year, that happens every day by Criminal elements in society, do not have Anything to do with the 2md amendment. These people would have done the things they did with or without a gun. Remember people, a weapon can be anything. Be it a gun, a car, a knife, an airplane, a spoon or a fork
    Until a Human being uses that object in matter it was not intended for all of these things are nothing more than inaniment objects. A gun cannot kill if a human doesn’t pick it up , load it, point it and shoot it. Until that happens, it is just a paper wight. People kill people, inaniment objects are just the tools used to do it with.

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