Just When You Thought Sleepy Joe Couldn’t Get Any Creepier This Happens

First, it was the story about corn pop and how he kicked him out of the pool and was later confronted by his “Bad Boy” friends

If this story wasn’t weird enough at the same event in a public pool at Wilmington’s Burton Brown Winchester Park later renamed after Sleepy Joe Biden himself he had another story to tell, this time of how children will touch his hairy legs and also how he loves children sitting on his lap…

You can’t make this kind of stuff up folks, but the real question is when will the Malarkey Stop?!

But wait!  it gets even worse while campaigning in Council Bluffs Iowa Creepy Joe Biden interupts his wife’s speech to bite her finger…

Let us know what you think of Creepy Joe and his Malarkey

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  1. This reminds me of what happened to Cosby.
    Once found guilty, honorary titles and such will be stripped from all these nut jobs. Totally stripped like they never existed.

  2. Never underestimate the evil that can protrude from a reprobate mind. See his wife is as much of a Fruitloop as he is.

  3. Biden has Alzheimer’s he keeps talking about this fantasy everyday. It’s time for this sick nose sniffing deranged nut case to be put away!!!
    Save the pain and VOTE TRUMP 2020”

  4. The President of the United Sates ??
    Keep dreaming “Creepy Uncle Joe” You’re going straight to jail with your son as your buddy!!

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