Julian Assange Arrested on Behalf of the United States

On Thursday, founder of WikiLeaks, Julian assange, was arrested in London on behalf of the U.S. for leaking classified information from ARMY computer.

LMPD: London’s Metropolitan Police Department said, “This is an extradition warrant under Section 73 of the Extradition Act.”

DOJ: On Thursday the DOJ stated he is being charged for committing computer intrusion of classified U.S. government computer.

LENIN MORENO: The President of Ecuador said the U.S. officials were invited into the Ecuador Embassy of London because they did not want to keep sheltering Assange

Moreno tweeted these two official response videos on Twitter about Assange.

KRISTINN HRAFNSSON: WikiLeaks’ Editor in Chief, Hrafnsson, said Assange was being extensively spied on, “What we have established is that security cameras were used to monitor his every move, his every meeting.”

JULIAN ASSANGE: Julian Assange published Hilary Clinton’s emails he says in the name of Journalism.

This is the latest update from Assange’s Attorney.

Assange was also involved in a Rape case that was dropped in 2017 but the plaintiff has said she is going to try to re-open the case and extradite Assange to Sweden.



CONCLUSION: Julian Assange is definitely not having a good day, he was arrested by the U.K. in the Ecuador Embassy of London. The President of Ecuador said the U.S. was invited to take him out of the Country for his lack of correspondence.

His attorney stated this morning, “He wants to thank all of his supporters for their ongoing support and ‘I told you so’.”

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