John Roberts Breaks his SILENCE on Viral Hot Mic Video

Fox News chief White House Correspondent John Roberts Breaks his silence on the hot mic video that was published first by Golden State Times.

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Now, after three days since the Twitter video went viral, John Roberts responded with this Tweet


Original Tweet:

John Roberts alleges that while in the White House, within the MEDIA, there have been “No Coronavirus Cases.” However, did we ever get any updates about the “reporter” speculated of having Coronavirus?

Click below to read the article:

People think we overlooked that; we want to know if that journalist had or possibly has Coronavirus and what News Network that person belongs to.
Also, did he/she have the virus while standing feet away from the President of the United States and the Task Force?

Moreover, how would John Roberts overlook the supposed infected reporter since from that “incident,” the WHCA established their new social distancing measures in the briefing room?

So how can Roberts forget about such an event that changed the way the Press Briefing room looks today?

John Roberts also tries to explain his other comments from the video, referencing the USC study on coronavirus.

Roberts comments on the New York Times photographer Doug Mills, Vaccine “joke,” according to Mediaite.
As you can see, John Roberts even makes a list of all the vaccines he has gotten except he forgot to add Flu Shot to the list!

He seemed to steer away from the video and started to talk alternately about studies and vaccines

I will write another response if he responds to this report, in the meantime take a look at all of John Roberts and Doug Mills friends coming to the Rescue!




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  1. They all suck; we all knew their scam and scandalous behavior from the GET-GO…
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