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Joe Rogen Got CNN’s Chief Medical Expert to Admit the Network Lied about Ivermectin!…

Joe Rogen did not hold back after CNN said that he had taken Livestock Medication to cure his battle with COVID-19, Rogen confronted CNN’s Top Medical correspondent and forced him to admit the Liberal network Lied!

  • The podcaster slammed Gupta’s employer, CNN, for ‘lying’ about his treatment
  • He repeatedly called out the network’s use of the phrase ‘horse de-wormer’
  • ‘I can afford people medicine motherf*****,’ Rogan said of his Ivermectin use
  • Asked why his colleagues continued the assertions, Gupta said: ‘I don’t know’
  • The neurosurgeon and professor admitted that they ‘shouldn’t’ have said that
  • Last month, Rogan said he caught COVID while performing live in Florida
  • His announcement that he took the anti-parasitic drew widespread criticism

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