Joe Biden SHUT DOWN over Deportations by Activist at Rally

At a campaign event in Greenwood, South Carolina Thursday night, former Vice President Joe Biden told a protestor who confronted him over the Obama administration’s mass deportation policies to “vote for Trump,” prompting outrage from immigrant rights groups and activists.

Watch the Full Exchange Here:

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  1. Groping Joe should have called ICE on all those illegal invaders. They don’t want to be Americans and assimilate. They want to be Mexicans and mooch off the system. Deport them ALL!

  2. Democratic Party r just running to impeach Trump to protect Democratic power and they don’t care about anyone just getting richer in there deep pockets if u don’t believe what I said about this look up what Oboma did before he got got out of office he should be in jail and the whole Democratic Party they have wasted more money than any party in over the years the last 3 years Trump was president they have wasted over 160 million and climbing they don’t want to fix our deficit They don’t care about making jobs nor any Americans dream to be something they always wanted just kiss that good bye everything I said is true just look up

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