Jerry Nadler Confronted By American Pissed Off About Fake Impeachment Hearing

Jerry Nadler got an earful at his Impeachment hearing.  Owen Shroyer of Infowars Infiltrated the Impeachment hearing and let Jerry Nadler have it!


more on the Situation:

This is what Shroyer had to say after being arrested:

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  1. How are the Demo-rats allowed to attempt a coup against the President of the U.S. and continue illegal impeachment hearings and not be stopped. The fact that the Demo-rats called for impeachment before Trump was in office show that they are attempting a coup and not a legitimate inquiry. The people of the United States voted into office a man that has been under the most exhaustive investigations without a single crime in his life and yet the Demo-rats refuse to stop harassing and interfering in the work of this President.

  2. As you can hear this mean is voicing the opinion of most Americans. And as you can also hear all that simple to Nadler can do is banghis gavel like that is going to stop the man. saying what he has to say

  3. Organize a 10 or 20 million people march or attendance in DC . And peacefully walk into Congress, Senate, White House, and any other buildings politicians gather. Preferably a day they will all be in attendance. Make 2020 a year in history to be remembered for decades. I will be there and hopefully my 3 sons and 11 grandchildren
    God bless you and our nation.

  4. There will be worse than just this one man if you don’t get rid of these clowns and prosecute them for what they have done.
    And especially if they don’t leave our GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY alone.
    You imbisals !!!! TRUMP 2020 !!!

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