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Jen Psaki has COVID-19 Sending the White House into a Panic to Shield Biden!…

Press Secretary and Biden’s Closest Aide Jen Psaki has been diagnosed with COVID 19.

• After Psaki’s diagnosis, the White House has been sent into a panic as she is the aide with the President 24/7 during foreign trips.

• Psaki is Fully vaccinated and boostered but still got the virus. Since she is young with no pre-existing conditions, she is expected to recover.

• Biden is also fully vaccinated and boostered, but being 78 years old, he is at the extreme risk of passing if he contracts the virus.

• As the White House medical team shields Biden, everyone who interacts with him will have to be tested before and must wear a mask and keep 6 feet distance.

• Jen Psaki must quarantine for ten days and test negative to return to work.

• others in Biden’s orbit that have breakthrough contraction of COVID include Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and State Department spokesman Ned Price.

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