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Jason Miller Former White House Advisor and CEO of Gettr Agrees to Snitch on Trump

Former Trump Aide and now CEO of Gettr Jason Miller has agreed to work with the Jan. 6 Committee investigating Trump.

• After Striking a deal with the Committee investigating Jan. 6, Jason miller’s deposition date has been postponed awaiting a new date and time.

• Miller was set to appear before the House select committee on Friday.

• Miller was one of the six people subpoenaed by the Committee last month.

• The others subpoenaed include –  Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, Trump campaign assistant Angela McCallum, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and conservative lawyer John Eastman.

• This development came a day after Ali Alexander, an organizer for the “Stop the Steal” rally, appeared for his deposition in front of the Jan. 6 committee on Thursday.

• As Alexander finished his deposition, he was served with a civil lawsuit.


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  1. It just shows another Evil person With no care for anyone other than himself. We the people are the targets of all these people who turn on Trump He Just took the heat Now we get the hammer .
    I am glad I didn’t join Gettr .
    Nothing in the net is safe or real. We are in our own And must survive these people among us

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