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January 6th committee Subpoenas 5 More Trump Allies Including Alex Jones, Roger Stone!…

The House Committee on January 6 has issued five more subpoenas this time to Trump loyalists, including Roger Stone and Alex Jones.

• These five subpoenas have been issued to those that reportedly planned the “stop the steal” rallies.

• The latest part of the investigation indicates that they are focusing on who organized and funded the Stop the Steal Rallies leading up to January 6.

• Along with Roger Stone and Alex Jones, Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence, key players in the “Stop the Steal” movement after the election.

• the Final person subpoenaed was Taylor Budowich, who is currently the primary political spokesperson for the former President and serves as communications director for the Save America PAC.

• The committee might have a particular interest in Budowich’s connection to Guilfoyle. According to reports and the January 6th committee, the former Fox News personality played a big role in the planning and preparing the January 6 rallies.


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