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Intelligence Officers Refusing Vaccine could get Fired putting National Security at Risk!…

Thousands of Intelligence officials are refusing the Coronavirus vaccine and could soon face termination.

• Biden has ordered all federal agencies to force their department and workers to receive the vaccine and all boosters.

• Agents from all of America’s intelligence community are not refusing to get the jab. Sending shockwaves through Washington.

• Republicans are warning that if the Biden Administration pushes for their removal, America’s national security could be at risk.

• At the CIA, 97% of agents have been vaccinated

• At the other 18 Intel agencies, the b=numbers are lower

• The Intelligence community has around 100K, according to Rep. Chris Stewert (R) Utah.

• Some Agencies have between 20 to 40% of their workforce unvaccinated

• After the civilian workforce Deadline on Nov. 22Nov. 22, many agencies will be left with depleted workforces but what worries lawmakers is if Agents are let go, how can they be replaced because their jobs are highly specialized with many levels of clearances.

• Federal employees who aren’t vaccinated or haven’t received an exemption by Nov. 22 could face a suspension of 14 days or fewer, followed by possible termination if they don’t comply.

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