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Illegals from Around the World are Targeting the US Mexico Border!…

Illegal Aliens worldwide are flocking to the US-Mexico border as they seek to Exploit Biden’s Open borders!

Apprehensions of illegals in the Southwest part of the border have seen a surge of border crossers from all over the world except Mexico and northern triangle countries. Border patrols say they have encountered illegals from over 160 countries trying to cross. They have seen a noticeable spike in border crossers from Ecuador, Brazil, and Venezuela.

The number of migrants attempting to cross the border from countries like Haiti, Cuba, Romania, and India has tripled in recent months.

Last Month over 33,000 Illegals Aliens crossed the southern border from nations other than Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. That’s a 35% increase from March and twice as many who crossed under Trump in 2019. 30% of family units entered from less typical countries. During a trip to the border, GOP Representatives and reporters claim they witnessed a family from Romania surrendering to Border patrol as a reporter for Reuters said he witnessed over 200 Romanians crossing the border in Texas.

CBP says their agents have encountered unaccompanied minors as young as a year old from Ecuador and teenagers from India, Bangladesh, and Armenia. Border patrol has also testified to Congress that four illegals were arrested from October to March that match names on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database. Three were from Yemen, and one was from Serbia!

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