Illegals Crossing The Border BREAKS All Time Record in History

Border Security officials estimated the Southern border could reach 1 million apprehensions of illegals by the end of 2019.

APPREHENSIONS: In October to January, 60,000 illegal aliens were apprehended and in February, at least 77,000 were apprehended or turned away at the border.

Federal officials estimate March to have 95,000 apprehensions and 100,000 in April which would leave 2019 to reach numbers of apprehensions not seen in decades.

In the year 2000, it saw a whopping number of 1.6 million apprehensions of illegals trying to cross the border.

In March 2000, 223,305 illegal aliens were apprehended by Border Patrol alone.

HOMELAND SECURITY: The Department of Homeland Security tends to release monthly statistics the second week of the following month.

The official numbers for March have not been released yet in full but it is to be more than expected.

CBP & ICE OFFICIALS: The number of apprehensions this year have been overwhelming to border security officials and ICE police.

CBP has been releasing illegal aliens because their detention center are over capacity.

They have been releasing those with families more than those without families.

Although the President has ordered Disaster workers that volunteer, to head out to the ICE facilities to help ICE police and CBP with the over flow of illegal aliens.

CBP: Just today, 3,700 apprehensions was recorded, the largest number seen in one day in more than a decade


CONCLUSION: The number of apprehensions are increasing every month and the more apprehensions increase the more CBP and ICE are working in order to maintain apprehensions in the facilities and prevent future apprehensions from happening, the Southern border is in need of border security now more than ever.

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