Illegals charged with DUI will get deported says White House

Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah gave press gaggle aboard Air Force One where he spoke on DACA deal in Congress…

According to the pool report from Air Force One, an  unnamed official spoke regarding illegal aliens charged with DUI being protected in sanctuary cities:

Illegal immigration remains “intolerably high,” he said …

[The official] noted that the administration had asked Congress withhold grants from sanctuary cities in its omnibus spending bill. He noted that the House version holds back DOJ and DHS grants. “It’s a major threat to national security,” he said of sanctuary jurisdictions.

The official made the argument that because September 11 hijackers had visa issues, sanctuary city policies could lead to a major attack like the one they perpetrated. “That’s not just a threat to California, which in and of itself is inexcusable, but a threat to the entire country.”

What president has said on the sanctuary cities in the last few days:


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