ICE to use Instant DNA Test to Verify Illegal Alien Families

The Department of Homeland Security is considering to add DNA testing at the border that allows border officials confirm within two hours whether immigrants claiming to be a family are telling the truth.

ANDE: ANDE is the DNA testing system developed with the military approved by the FBI in 2018.

This system allows a swab of DNA from each family member and within two hours their relations will be proven.

ANDE was also used in identifying bodies found in the Northern Californian Wild Fires in June 2018.

DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY: DHS is now considering the ANDE testing system to be used in the Southern Border for all illegal aliens that come with children or claim relations to other illegal aliens.

CBP AND ICE: Federal immigration officials believe the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border is about to become more complicated due to an increase in falsified documents from illegal aliens.

DEREK BENNER: The Deputy Director of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations arm stated, “One of the things that we’ve seen a huge increase in and our partners in CBP have seen, too, is the use of fraudulent documents.”

ANNETTE MATTERN: Annette Mattern is a spokeswoman for the ANDE DNA testing company and she stated, “Identifying an individual at the border today probably requires an officer to say, ‘I don’t know if this is their kid or not their kid’.”

“Ninety minutes later we have an identification of that person, then we can swab the relatives and we can determine if they are blood relatives. But today, my understanding is there is no DNA that is being done at the port of entry,” Mattern added.

CONCLUSION: DHS has not confirmed using ANDE at the Southern border or by ICE officials to use when processing visa or green cards to illegal aliens with families although the DNA testing ANDE is very useful and fits well to be at the border for real confirmation on relations between illegal aliens crossing into America.

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