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Cuomo to be Arrested over Charges of Groping Former Aide…

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been charged for groping a former aide during his time in office on Thursday, an arrest warrant has been issued in the state of New York.

  • Cuomo could potentially be forced to register as a sex offender if convicted
  • Cuomo is being accused in a misdemeanor criminal complaint in Albany of forcibly groping an aids breasts for no apparent reason except for satisfying his sexual desires according to the complaint.
  • The incident happened on Dec.7th on the second floor of the Albany Executive Mansion (the Official Governors Mansion) according to the complaint.
  • The name of the alleged victims was redacted from the complaint but reports state that the allegations of the official complaint line up with those of former Cuomo aide Brittany Commisso.
  • If convicted Cuomo could see up to one year in prison and be subject to being a registered sex offender.
  • Reports state that Cuomo might be arrested as early as next week, but the possibility of surrendering himself is likely.
  • If Cuomo is deemed a sexual deviant and is forced to register his photograph, name, address and information will become public record online for life.
  • The alleged groping of Commisso is the most serious incident but Cuomo is also being accused of grabbing women’s butts and running his hand across the belly of a female state trooper assigned to his protective detail.

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