Housing and Urban Development Charges Facebook with Housing Discrimination

On Thursday, HUD or Housing and Urban Development charged Facebook with violating the Fair Housing Act, a federal legislature that prohibits discrimination against people looking to buy or rent a home.

FACEBOOK: According to ProPublica, In 2016 Facebook was allowing advertisers to exclude certain users based on race and ethnicity.

Facebook has been charged by HUD for breaking a federal legislature and has been under investigations for months now.

HUD: Housing and Urban Development went after Facebook when they found out Facebook illegally allows real estate sellers to restrict their advertisements by race.

FACEBOOK: Early March, Facebook agreed to a settlement to enact sweeping reforms to its ad-targeting system.

Their settlement means Facebook is not to allow advertisers target or exclude housing ads by age, gender or zip code.

and lastly, the settlement agrees to create a new portal to allow users to search for and view housing ads in the U.S. regardless of who the advertisers hoped to target.

FACEBOOK: A Facebook spokesperson said, “We’re surprised by HUD’s decision, as we’ve been working with them to address their concerns and have taken significant steps to prevent ads discrimination.”

“Last year we eliminated thousands of targeting options that could potentially be misused, and just last week we reached historic agreements with the National Fair Housing Alliance, ACLU, and others that change the way housing, credit and employment ads can be run on Facebook,” the spokesperson stated about their past issues with organizations.

“We’re disappointed by today’s developments, but we’ll continue working with civil rights experts on these issues,” the spokesperson added.

HOUSING AND URBAN LIVING: HUD General Counsel Paul Compton stated, “Even as we confront new technologies, the fair housing laws enacted over half a century ago remain clear, discrimination in housing-related advertising is against the law.”

“Just because a process to deliver advertising is opaque and complex doesn’t mean that it’s exempts Facebook and others from our scrutiny and the law of the land,” he stated.

HUD: HUD tweeted this post to their page this morning.

CONCLUSION: Facebook has been charged by HUD because Facebook’s allowing it’s algorithm to be changed by race, gender, age, and color, in order for the advertisers and real estate agents to aim to whom they want to. HUD has been investigating Facebook for months and has agreed to a settlement to stop their discriminatory algorithm.

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