House resolution to Mueller: Show Evidence of Trump Collusion or Shut it Down

House Republican Todd Rokita, R-Ind. introduced a resolution on Thursday demanding Mueller show evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion or to just shut it down…

He said The Mueller investigation has dragged on for nearly a year at a cost of tens of millions of dollars without producing a shred of evidence of collusion — the matter it was tasked with investigating in the first place. I expect a valid progress report within the next 30 days or the investigation should be terminated,” he went on to say “No one in government should be without accountability, and for many Americans, this investigation looks more like an attempt by the Washington elite to destroy President Trump with innuendo, leaks, and baseless allegations than to provide justice.”

FAKE NEWS media is saying that even though there is a Republican-controlled house it still will not hit the Floor for a vote.

Many Republicans on both the house and Senate have recently applied pressure on the DOJ, Rosenstein, and Mueller

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  1. Three cheers for Rep. Todd Rokita. Get that resolution on the floor for a vote !

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