House puts Mueller on a Leash

The House has Approved a Measure that would require Financial accountability and oversight on the Mueller Investigation…

Rep. Mark Meadows Introduced the Amendment that looks to reinstate Government accountability office to audit the Mueller Investigation.

Meadows said- “A special counsel’s work is important, but they should not be able to spend taxpayer dollars without accountability. Americans need to know where their money is going,”  after the Amendment passed 207-201.

The amendment will be part of the spending package that includes the first bills of the 2019 fiscal year.

In its May report, the Justice Department said the special counsel had spent $16.7 million in the first 10 and a half months of the investigation, to leftist media it passing the Senate looks unlikely but the Mueller Investigation criticism is increasing daily as more and more Corruption is unveiled.

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  1. Even if it doesn’t pass the Senate, keep trying, Rep. Meadows. Keep up the good work.

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