House Proposes Bill that could Boost Deportations

The House voted Friday to define in federal law what constitutes a “crime of violence,” a change that would make it easier to charge immigrants with an aggravated felony and deport them.

The Community Safety and Security Act passed 247-152 and was introduced just a week ago by Rep. Karen Handel, R-Ga. The bill is a response to a Supreme Court ruling in April that said there’s not enough clarity in federal law to charge immigrants with aggravated felony because that determination is based on whether they committed a “crime of violence,” a term found in another part of the federal code that isn’t defined.

Congresswoman Karen Handle said on the House floor: “This legislation provides critical clarity to the definition of crime of violence in the United States code in order to keep violent criminals and ensure the safety of our communities,” she went on to say “Failure to address this issue would foster vagueness and uncertainty in our courts.”

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  1. Rep. Karen Handel (R-Ga) is 100% correct. She is introducing a very needed piece of legislation, as a result of the Supreme Court decision of April. Having passed the House, now the Senate must come to bat and hit the ball.

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