House Passes HR6201 the Coronavirus bill

The House has passed a Bill to help aid People impacted by the coronavirus including free testing and Food resources.  The Bill has been backed by Preside t Trump as it heads to the senate for a Vote and finally the White House so it can become law.

  • Late into the night the House of Representatives passed a coronavirus economic aid package HR6201

  • It includes two weeks of paid sick leave and up to three months of paid family and medical leave

  • The bill HR6201 was passed by 363 votes to 40 and will now go to a vote in the Senate next week

  • President Trump encouraged House Republicans and Democrats to vote yes on a coronavirus response package late on Friday night

  • The bill was negotiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin 
  • The aid package from Congress will provide free coronavirus testing even for those without insurance
  • It also provides money to handle unemployment benefits, guaranteed sick pay for workers, and will boost food programs for children, families and seniors 
  • Earlier today, Donald Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency in order to free up more money and resources 

  • The state of emergency cracks open $50 billion emergency funds 
  • He also declared Sunday, March 15, National Prayer Day 

  • The coronavirus has hit 49 states with West Virginia the only state yet to report a case 
  • The Department of Defense has banned official travel for service members in the United States 

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  1. One thousand people died before Obama declared a national emergency over the unstoppable Swine flue in 2009! And only 41 people have died from this China version so what’s up , the traitorous DEMOCRATS AND THERE LYING TRAITOROUS SCEAMS TO TAKE DOWN NOT ONLY TRUMP BUT OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

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