House Passes another STOPGAP Spending Bill to avoid government shutdown

House Republicans on Thursday evening narrowly passed a….

stopgap measure to avoid a government shutdown, one day before the deadline.

GOP: Leaders struggle to clinch the 231-188 vote demonstrated how, despite being fresh off their tax overhaul victory, House Republicans remain bitterly divided when it comes to bills to keep the government open.

HOUSE DEMOCRATS: Refusing to supply votes to help pass the spending bill, Republicans were left to pull together the votes among themselves.

FUNDING: Current government funding runs out after Friday. The short-term spending patch, which keeps federal agencies funded through Jan. 19, now heads to the Senate, where it’s not clear yet whether Democrats will vote to break a filibuster.

THE RESOLUTION IN THE HOUSE:  Also includes funding through March for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), a short-term extension of the government’s foreign surveillance powers, some spending “anomalies” for defense and a waiver for PAYGO rules so that the GOP tax bill doesn’t trigger automatic cuts to Medicare it also leaves some of the most contentious decisions unresolved, kicking debate over issues like immigration and ObamaCare into next year.

SENATE:  Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said the upper chamber is “ready” to take up the stopgap bill as soon as it lands on their doorstep.

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