House Intel Republicans Demand That Adam Schiff Step Down

Mike Turner calls for Adam Schiff to resign as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and even listed reasons why he should resign.

MIKE TURNER: Turner stated, “This is a personal vendetta from Adam Schiff at this point,” and continued saying, “I do believe he needs to step aside.”

Turner continued to list three reasons why Adam Schiff should resign. He stated, “One, he has stood in front of the American people and said things that were not true. Two, he’s attacked his fellow Republicans on the committee and been divisive and saying things about the Republicans on the committee that aren’t true. And the third thing is he’s transformed the committee from its focus, which is protecting our national security and the intelligence community, to being a vendetta against President Trump’s family and even the Trump campaign.”

REPUBLICANS: Mike Turner is not the only representative to want Schiff to step down, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise have urged Adam Schiff to step down as chairman.

CONCLUSION: Adam Schiff is mostly responsible for pedaling the investigation of Russian Collusion with the President after a year of it being under and nothing was found. The only reason Mueller went on for a second year is because of Adam Schiff. Now he is being asked to resign as House of Intelligence Committee Chairman.

Watch Mike Turner explain why Schiff should resign.

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  1. Yes! Adam Schiff needs to resign or be forcefully removed from his post & his seat as a representative.

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