Hope Hicks Says She Will Cooperate With Dems That Want To Take Down Trump

Former White House communications director, Hope Hicks, will cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee and provide any documents they need into the Trump Administration probe.

JERRY NADLER: Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, requested documents from Hicks, which include statements from Micheal Flynn’s lies to the FBI, James Comey’s firing, and payments made in connections with Trump’s alleged affairs.

HOPE HICKS: There is no report on why Hicks wants to suddenly give the Democrats every possible document she has to them on Trump and his administration but she is no the only one to give documents to Nadler.

NRA: The National Rifle Association has given Nadler documents on the Trump administration.

REPUBLICANS: Republicans are very aware of the situation and believe 81 individuals and entities have given Nadler at least 8,195 pages of documents concerning the Trump investigation.

JERRY NADLER: Nadler was very pleased with all the documents he received since he has been trying to impeach Trump since he started. Monday was the official deadline to send any documents on Trump Admin.

CONCLUSION: Everyone is turning their backs on the President to the Dems now because everyone seems to have the same idea that Trump is a crooked President, even though, Mueller found nothing on Trump and his Administration.

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