Hong Kong Thanks Trump for American Support in their Fight for Democracy

Hong Kong showed their appreciation to President Trump for American support in their fight for Democracy. President Trump signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 into Law at Mar-A-Lago the day before Thanksgiving.  The People of Hong Kong took to the streets to sing the American National Anthem with Pro-Trump Signs, Banners and American Flags.  Also People dressed up as the President Held Print outs of the Bill that Trump signed on Nov.27th in Support of the Hong Kong People.  Check it out Below 

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  1. Hong Kong citizens are more respectful to the American way of life than liberals/ leftist/Democrats. When are we going to thin the herd and exterminate the haters?

    1. I’m 72 years old and I can say without a doubt Donald Trump is the most patriotic president in my lifetime unlike today’s Democrats who don’t like our country their socialist and they’re communists not to mention treasonous we need another civil war to eliminate those people I just described and hopefully before I die and hopefully truth loving conservative Americans will take to the streets with firearms and take these people out before we turn into a communist country

  2. President Trump is NOT the ” president of the world.” But, he certainly is a FREEDOM-promoter. The goal is to MAKE HONG KONG GREAT AGAIN. Citizens of Hong Kong: we LOVE you !

  3. Keep America Great. I don’t ever want to see Trump leave the White House. I think Kushner or Trey GOWDY or Collins should run in 2024. God Bless Everyone

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