Homeland Security Defends Trumps National Emergency

On Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, defended President Trump’s national emergency for the border to be credible.

Nielsen testified before House Homeland Security Committee stating, “illegal immigration is spiraling out of control, threatening public safety, and national security.”

In Nielsen’s opening statement she led with this, “Although we may disagree on solutions, I hope there can be a consensus that the current system isn’t working and that this is an emergency.”

Nielsen argued that illegal immigration has led to a surge in human trafficking and violence to aliens and to American citizens.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection data showed that 66,450 aliens were apprehended after crossing the border between ports of entry in February, compared to 47,986 in January.

Although, House and Senate Democrats deny there is in an influx of numbers because they look at a range of years instead of the range of month to month which has been increasing.

Watch the Explosive Hearing

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